KILALA – in english

Each piece tells a story

Mia, the creator of Kilala since January 2019.

Small decryption of this young brand which pleases and progresses at high speed in the craft industry and the creation of Abidjan.

K – Kilala, why did you choose this name for your brand?

Kilala is a piece of my personal history and a place that is particularly close to my heart. It is a plain in the heart of Akagera Park in Rwanda. These are smells, landscapes, sounds and sensations that make us feel alive, grateful, and humble in the face of the vastness of Nature.

I – Inspirations. What are they and how did you come up with the idea of ​​making jewelry?

I admit that it happened completely by accident. I worked in two structures in Abidjan, and I found it complicated to reconcile my life as a mother with demanding jobs. One day a friend (she will surely recognize herself;)) told me about the small message bracelets that were a hit in France, I looked and found it super fun to put the alphabet bead back on the agenda and to pimp it up to make it a trendy and unique bracelet.

I had never seen one in Abidjan before, so I went for it.

I am inspired by networks, film scenes, when I meet people, from my daily life … I did not invent anything, on the other hand I developed a brand and a universe which belong to me and of which I am proud today. Then the universe of Kilala grew with the arrival of 14k gold filled gold and fine stones .. always with the idea of ​​jewelry that makes sense #meaningfuljewelry as its DNA.

L – Lightness. Your jewelry is, but you personalize it too. Why this choice ?

Personalization is part of Kilala’s very essence.

Special attention offered to a loved one. Seize or create the opportunity to give a unique and unexpected gift that fits perfectly.

Kilala items are defined as gifts that have been chosen with heart and a touch of « this is for you and just for you ».

A – Abidjan, this is the beginning of the adventure for Kilala, was the Ivorian atmosphere a boost in your choice?

Let’s say being in Abidjan gave me time to ask myself questions and gave me the opportunity to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

I also had the opportunity to meet people who have been a driving force, who have supported me and helped me get started by opening doors, giving advice and inspiring me.

I am really grateful (they will recognize each other too :)).

L – Struggles. Your principles lead you towards which fights? What are your daily revolts ?

I don’t know if we can talk about revolts or fighting, but one subject close to my heart today would be the promotion of sorority and positivity.

In the world of female entrepreneurship, you can quickly isolate yourself or feel in competition. I think women should support and encourage each other more.

Thank you to the # girlboss225 movement which marks my first concrete step in this process :)!

A – Associations. In the past, you got together for a cause that affected children. Are there other associations planned for the future, where you yourself already contribute to a cause through your activity ?

I was very honored that I was chosen to participate and support the #prendreunenfantparlamain action a year ago. It scared me too, as I was just getting started and worried I wouldn’t be up to it. Making 500 bracelets all by myself in a tight deadline was a hell of a challenge, but the Cause was an incredible driving force.

I am proud to have been able to participate in this project and to have been able to raise funds to promote access to education for underprivileged children and / or children with disabilities. I invite you all to follow the ‘Association Imagine le Monde, our support for all is necessary, each at our level.

This month, part of Kilala’s profits will be donated to an association for the fight against cancer #Octobrerose.

Thanks to Mia for answering our questions, it allowed us to learn more about her motivations and the person her jewelry gives off.

She really brings a very personal touch both during the creation and during the delivery. His little note is always happy 😊 (tested personally).

For more information :

Contact 📞 00 225 77 82 99 10



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