BISCOUITE – in english

Yum ! We manufacture your personalized and gourmet cookies to measure …

« Today, I am going to introduce you to her brand, Diane de Fursac, the creator of BISCOUITE, and her little stamped cookies. »

B – BISCOUITE, why did you choose this name?

I would say: BIS for the cookie and COUITE for baking.
I admit that I didn’t think for long, it was quite spontaneous, I wanted an original and striking name.

I – Inspiration. Where did you get the idea to personalize cookies?

I did not invent the concept that comes from a French brand of personalized cookies, well known on social networks.

I wanted to adapt the idea to the consumption habits of Ivorians.

We love what is custom made, what is personalized because we love to be unique.

I wished that when a person receives a « Biscouite », they will feel special thanks to the message stamped on it

S – Shortbread. It is the basis of your cookies. Why this choice of recipe?

Shortbread is one of the most popular recipes for baking cookies.

As a foodie, I told myself that it would be interesting to take ownership of the recipe, to play with the ingredients.

We had to find a cookie recipe that allowed marking and gave a beautiful visual after baking.

C – Cause. Tell me one or two causes that are close to your heart and why?

Children and the animal cause.

I can’t stand that you can hurt people who can’t defend themselves.

O – Origin. What are yours?

I am a quarteronne of Franco-Ivorian nationality.

I was born in Abidjan and was fortunate enough to grow up there in a loving family.

U – Universe. What is the Biscouite universe?

« To each his own message »
« Everything is said and eaten »

For our 2 sweet recipes, we chose Ivorian products.

Being able to say / write whatever you want on standard cookie shapes (square, rectangle, round ..) or more original such as a unicorn, a heart or the map of Côte d’Ivoire or Africa.

An original and gourmet communication medium.

I – Itinerary. Tell us about your professional and personal journey.

I did my classes in Abidjan and communication studies in Montpellier.

Returning to Ivory Coast, I worked at the French Chamber of Commerce, before joining several communication and event agencies.

I have been fortunate to meet inspiring people who have guided, trained and pushed me to surpass myself.

I started custom cookies in addition to my job. I admit that I didn’t get much sleep the 1st year (laughs) but the feedback was so motivating that it gave me the strength to continue.

Since April 2020, I have fully embarked on my project..

I take this opportunity to warmly thank all the people who believed in Biscouite, and who continue to trust us.

T – Trend. What will be your trend for 2021? Should we expect surprises?

2021 will be: new recipes, new packaging, great collaborations …

We also hope to be able to expand the team in order to satisfy even more people and gourmets.

I would like 2021 to be a year of development (well I hope so 😉)

E – Hope. Your wishes and hopes for the youth of Côte d’Ivoire.

I will tell them to believe in themselves, in their ideas and desires. To set goals and do everything to achieve them.

I wish peace in Côte d’Ivoire.

Thank you very much Diane for your answers, we wish Biscouite a good continuation and for having tasted them personally, and for having ordered several times, Big up !!! The tastes are constant, for the coffee or for snacking (even if it is not good), a small taste killer🤗 and expressive !!!

So go for more information:

Contact : 00225 09509842

Facebook :

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