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Alain Branger, founder of MANDO FOODS & Co – Photo credit AKATIA

M – MANDO FOODS & Co. What does this name mean and why did you choose it? Et & Co, can you explain to us ?

So “MANDO” means “Family” in the Ebrie language, which is the ethnic group of the city of Abidjan.

This name was chosen by the mothers with whom I work for food processing and indeed, at MANDO we work as a Family and we share and carry these values ​​of cohesion, mutual aid and love.

So & Co is for several reasons:

Our cosmetics first of all, we indeed offer a beautiful range of local and artisanal cosmetics: butters, oils … natural and artisanal that we invite you to try!

Our shea butter comes straight from small cooperatives in Korhogo and is 200% natural, our oils are cold pressed and the raw material used is natural.

The coconuts come from Jacqueville and the oil is pressed in a small village on the edge of the lagoon.

Our supplier of mango, banana, avocado butters is a very intelligent and very conscientious lady with whom I spend time discussing and researching new ideas.

Our supplier of avocado and cashew oil is a lady with whom we have been working since the beginning of MANDO. Young and dynamic, she always gives us the best of what she produces.

-MANDO Clothes, which is a small entity that creates handmade feminine ready-to-wear. Indeed, my wife Zara is the stylist and the manager and she works with small local designers selected for their know-how. The creations are only available at MALAIKA Zone 4 and Marcory Residentiel

.-MANDO Healthy, which is the delivery branch of fresh products at home once a week in Abidjan: fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. Natural and / or agricultural products reasoned. My wife Zara is the manager and manager of this branch of MANDO while I take care of the production on our small field towards Toumodi and the delivery on Friday.

A – Authentically Ivorian ? Do you promote local products and the traditional transformation of its products ?

My wife, my team and I are 100% Ivorians. We grew up under the sun and the Earth’s values ​​of hospitality.

In Ivory Coast we know how to receive and the goal of MANDO is to receive while promoting the land.

As they say « it is because I do not have the papers, otherwise I am Ivorian. »

That is why we want to give back their title of nobility to local products as well as their place on the shelves of large Ivorian supermarkets. This is through the work of the first agro-processing force in Côte d’Ivoire: women.

N – Natural. Are your products? And are they 100% handmade ?

Our products are 200% natural and artisanal.

We have created an efficient network of suppliers who are constantly learning and always looking for new products to offer.

The quality of the raw material, the know-how in processing, as well as the packaging are the key stages of our work. We favor the raw material produced far from Abidjan, which is generally a guarantee of better quality


Naturalness is everywhere in Côte d’Ivoire.

The transformation of our products is done exclusively by small and medium-sized agro-processors in order to fairly redistribute the value of their work to them.

We then take care of the packaging work, labeling, as well as marketing.

D – Domain. What was your favorite field? Your studies ?

Before MANDO, I obtained an MBA in Business Development between Paris and New York.

Then I worked for 1 year as a consultant for a small mineral trading company.

O – Origin. What is yours ?

I was born and raised in Cote d’Ivoire.

My mother is Congolese-Lebanese, my father is French. The Ivory Coast is where I was born and transmitted its values ​​to me. But I am also French, Lebanese, African. In fact,

I consider myself as we all should: a citizen of the world.

F – Strength. What gives you the strength of your goals in general ? And here I am talking about the man.

I would like to add my stone to the edifice of the crazy growth of our country and be able to give it back some of the energy, the love, the strength that it has instilled in me.

I would like to be able to make people understand that we can do differently, that we can change things, consume better, help those who really need it, who work and deserve a fair return in exchange for their work, restore nature and our impact on it at the center of our concerns.

I want Ivorian MANDO products to be available for sale and known in France, China, the USA, Brazil!

O – Tools. Your tools of tomorrow, what are they and what are your hopes for 2021 ?

The inevitable and indisputable tool is the smartphone. Through the smartphone you can access the vast universe of social networks which are the main communication tools: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp….

Computers are essential for project monitoring and administrative and creative tasks such as creating labels and communication supports.

Our two vehicles cost us a lot of money in maintenance costs but we could not achieve anything without them.

We need to participate in events, exhibitions to make ourselves known and boost sales. online sales platforms like and, allow us to reach new customer segments and to be visible also abroad.

For 2021 we hope for a larger presence in local supermarkets and an entry on the French market.

And having almost ten employees in my small structure, I hope for an evolution of the Ivorian middle class, the cond itions of life in general.

I also hope for a drop in the prices of basic foodstuffs and above all, most importantly, a strengthened education system to educate the generations of tomorrow.

O – Ozone. Will the protection of nature and the environment in general, beyond your work, affect you personally? And what is Mando Food doing to contribute in its own way ?

Nature, we are part of it, we must take care of it.

It is very important to have a real awareness in order to change our production and consumption methods.

We recycle all the packaging that we bring back to the store with Corydoras CleanUp, we all reuse the glass, we give our unsold food to a company which redistributes them to the needy FoodWaste and I am part of the AKATIA association which fights for the creation of a Chimpanzee sanctuary in CI.

With MANDOP Healthy, we produce natural vegetables and fruits and we have created a strong network of partners who share our values ​​of protection and respect for nature. We deliver fresh produce once a week to our customers in Abidjan.

D – Donation. Do you? Do you participate in charitable actions, where do you even do something with your brand ?

We are still a small structure, we are fighting to survive and therefore we give what we can within our means: food products, vegetables, equipment.

S – Style. With the opening of your concept store this year, you have given yourself an image of a modern craftsman. Is it in your mind to bring together tradition and modernity ?

We love the traditions, the stories that connect us to our past, to our roots, to our origins, but we have to live with our times and adapt in order to try to get our message across through our work.

This concept store is, we hope, the first in a long series of our points of sale that will flourish around the world in the hit of publicizing the work of our mothers and our beautiful country.

Thank you Alain, for having answered all our questions, although we could not know too much who is behind the man, but we know better about your personal and professional convictions which are really interwoven in your innovative concept.

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